Membership Fee – There is an annual gymnast Membership Fee of $48 (one child) $72 (multiple children). Families with more than one child will pay a total of $72 for the entire family. Membership Fees are due every January and will be prorated the first enrolled year. Payment of the Membership Fee entitles you to enroll in as many classes as you like, as well as the following discounts:

   Family Discount – we offer a 25% sibling discount on tuition for all families. The highest tuition will be billed at full price, with all subsequent tuitions discounted by 25%.  

Multiple Class Discount – we offer a 25% discount on multiple classes. The highest tuition will be billed at full price, all subsequent classes will be discounted by 25%. Does not apply to team. 

Party/Parent Night Out Discount – We offer a $25 discount on parties and a $5 discount on parent night out events. 

Money Back Guarantee – Children need a chance to acclimate to classes and we therefore request that students and parents commit to one full month of class. If, after the first month of gymnastics, you are not satisfied and do not wish to continue enrolling your child in a class, we will offer you a full refund of your membership fees paid. 

Tuition – Tuition is due on the 1st of every month. After the 10th of the month a $25 late fee will be applied and each month thereafter until balance is paid in full. If tuition is not paid by the 15th of the month and student has not show up for class, student will be considered dropped and will loose their spot in class. If you need assistance for unforeseen circumstances, please contact the gym to discuss a payment plan. To avoid late charges, please feel free to register your credit card with the office for automatic payment. 

Dropping Off – Gymnasts may not be dropped off more than 15 minutes prior to their scheduled class time and must be picked up within 15 minutes of the end of their class time. Siblings with classes on the same days but at different times may not be left unattended by a 

parent at any time. Gymnasts are expected to remain inside the gym before and after class. They may not wait in the parking lot. We cannot be responsible for children that are not inside the gym. Please review this policy with your child

Class Procedures – gymnasts are not to enter the gym floor unless accompanied by a coach. Please arrive on-time so that your child will be ready when the coach calls the class out to the floor. Warm-up is a very important part of all gymnastics classes. To prevent injury, 

students must participate in warm-up. If a child is more than 15 minutes late for class, they may be asked not to participate in class that day. No refund will be given. PARENTS ARE NOT ALLOWED ON THE FLOOR AT ANY TIME (with the exception of 

Mini Me classes). See the office if you need assistance. 

Make-Up Classes – make up classes are allowed if your child is absent due to illness, but must be done within a month of the missed class unless special arrangements have been made. Make-up classes are subject to availability, are not guaranteed and must be signed -up for. Make-up classes are not offered if you choose to take a holiday off that the gym is open (see item 8 below). Team and pre-team gymnasts do not receive make-up classes. 

Attire – Proper gym attire should be worn at all times. Girls should wear a leotard. Boys should wear shorts (no jeans, no snaps, no zippers) without pockets and a t-shirt. All gymnasts (boys and girls) must have hair pulled back away from their face. Socks and shoes are not permitted in the gym. 

Water – Gymnasts must remain hydrated and should come to gym with a water bottle each day. If gymnasts do not have a water bottle, they will be given one and the cost of $1.00 will be charged to your account. 

Holidays – GCG will be closed the following holidays: the week between Christmas and New Years Day, and Easter Break, (based on the Grass Valley School district schedule), The day before Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving day and the day after, Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day. The gym is open on all other holidays. Class prices are based on a twelve months schedule with some months having 5 weeks. No discount or make-up classes are given for closed weeks. We will periodically offer specialized camps during these holidays. Please note in 2018 we will be open during October Break with modified classes 

Snow Days – In general, we follow the Grass Valley School District in determining if it will be a snow day or not. It will be posted on our Facebook, Twitter and Web Page if we do call a snow day. There are no make-ups for snow days until after the 3rd snow day. See above regarding make-up classes. 

Dropping Classes - Many of our classes have waiting lists and need to be notified if there is availability. We require a 2-week written notice to drop a class. Notice can be sent to info@goldcountrygymnastics.com. Failure to provide 2-week written notice of dropping a class will result in tuition charges.  

Vacations/Time-Off – All families are allowed to take two weeks per year off, free of tuition, which must be requested in writing and remaining two weeks of the month must be paid. If you choose to take more than two weeks off un-paid you will be considered dropped from your classes and your space cannot be held. 

Behavior – no foul language, hitting, or aggressive, confrontational behavior will be tolerated and students exhibiting such behavior will be removed from class and a parent will be contacted.