Class Schedule

Baby Classes - 6 months to stable walking $5 Drop In Fee

We start our classes out at 6 months of age.  The Teenie Sprouts and Crazy Crawlers has become the parent friendly way to start socializing their babies and themselves.  These classes start with focusing on tracking, stretching and building strength for the Teenies.  The Crawlers work hand/eye coordination, build strength and are encouraged to crawl ( a very important step in your child's learning process.)  It also includes open play time.  Kids 2 and under allowed in the Crawler Free Play.

Preschool Classes - Ranges $55 to $74

Our Preschool aged classes are designed for little ones from 1 to 5 years of age.  These classes are designed specifically for their age group and focus on fine motor skills and skill development.  Through exciting obstacle courses incorporating size appropriate gymnastic equipment, they learn what the skills are called and begin to build the strength & coordination necessary to perform the skills.  As they age, the skill progression and what is expected of them increases, all while having fun.  All of our classes are continuous meaning you can join at anytime during the month.

Recreational Classes - Ranges $74 and up

These classes are for children age 6 and up.  They are designed to progressively challenge your child, building on skills learned in the prior levels.  Every child has a skill chart and progresses at their own rate.  Our Coaches determine when they are ready to move up based on their skill charts and testing that happens every 8 weeks.   All of our classes are continuous meaning you can join at anytime during the month. 

*Class schedule subject to change without notice